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SSB Interview is the most important aspect of the NDA selection process. The 15-20 minutes of interaction with an interview panel allows you to unleash knowledge you have gained in your entire life. SSB Interview is just like a sieve that filters out the 'right candidates' who may go on. Frankly speaking, the interview process is quite tough and tricky. It is conducted to assess the candidate suitability for becoming an officer using a standardized protocol of the evaluation system. As of now, the SSB interview panel consists of eminent personalities from different fields.

These personalities have their specialization as Psychologist, GTO and Interviewing Officer in Indian Armed Forces. There are thirteen Service Selection Boards (SSBs) across India. Out of them, four boards are for Indian Army and Indian Air Force while five boards for Indian Navy. The interview stage does not follow any fixed format. The panel can ask any questions ranging from technical, academic as well as non-academic fields. Even the intensity of questions varies from funny to unusual or absolutely ridiculous.

Also, check the NDA SSB step-by-step procedure and tests.

And this makes SSB interview as one of the most difficult stages to crack in the NDA examination. It does sound challenging. But all you need to do is to apply logic to bring out targeted answers to impress the panel.  Here we have listed some of the important questions being asked in the interview:

Some Standard Questions Generally Asked In SSB Interviews:

1. Tell me about yourself?

This is the most standard question asked in almost every interview. Give a brief background about you and your family, your academic qualifications and professional engagements. The answer should be accurate and to the point. 

2. Why do you want to join the Defence Forces?

This question is asked to determine your clarity of thought in this regards. You must tell the exact reason that states your passion, interests and the motivation to join the defence forces.  Never answer that it was your childhood dream or you always wanted to do this only. Tell about the positive points of joining the defence. It could be uniform, nature of the job, the pride of the position, pride of serving the nation, adventurous life, salary and perks, etc.

3. Tell me about your positive and negative strengths Or tell me your strengths and weaknesses?

This question is asked to check how honest you are to yourself.  So, conduct your SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and threats) analysis and back them up with logical explanations and examples. For example, you may state that I follow my responsibilities very religiously; I can work very well under pressure. As for weaknesses, you might say – I am a procrastinator (but I have made a 2-minute rule to overcome it). I tend to be overconfident sometimes (But now I am able to control and I am more humble now).

4. What if you do not get selected this time?

Politely reply that ‘Sir I’ll try next time again’. He may also oppose you by posing a question that if you do not make into defence then what? Then you must show your dedication and determination towards defence.  Speak that you would work very hard and make it. Alternatively, be ready for a future plan. They may again ask that You are not fit for defence, what will you do now? So be prepared with alternate future option. But try to choose the option closer to the defence forces so that they can feel your love for the forces.

5. Why don’t you try for SSB after graduation through CDS?

Again this question will check your honesty and integrity. Tell them that joining NDA will give you more experience into defence. NDA will bring a positive change into your personality and you will be trained in the best way for the army, air force or navy from a very early age. They might also ask you what made you interested in defence now. So, prepare your answer accordingly.

6. Why were you not able to clear SSB in a previous attempt (for repeaters)?

Be honest. Don’t reply I don’t know or I did well but SSB didn’t take me. It leaves a negative impression. You can say that I did not perform well in the psychological part or group discussion. You can also add up by saying that this time you have prepared well.

Some Unusual SSB Interview Questions (But don't ignore these, be prepared)

1. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

If you would answer this question affirmatively by saying yes then a lot of counter questions would be posed. Like they may ask what do you like in your girlfriend/boyfriend? Are you in a physical relationship? This is a tricky situation to get out of without losing any credibility. To avoid such a situation simply say NO.  Probably they would ask why don’t you have a girlfriend/boyfriend or Have you ever liked any girl/boy? You can state that you have not yet felt anything like this for anybody yet. They may also ask if you are straight or not if you say No to the question. But just tell them that you haven't felt for anyone yet. And right now you are focussing on building your career.

2. Do you smoke or drink/ Booze?

This is very tricky, especially for 10+2 entrants or for Muslim in specific. Be truthful. If you do then tell that I have done it once or twice. If you don’t then tell I don’t. Whatever be your replies, always get ready for counter questions. They may pose a question that Why do you smoke/drink when you know it is bad for your health? Do your friends smoke and drink? Why don’t you smoke or drink when your friends? So better to avoid such questions.

3. What is your belief in marriage? (Love/Arranged)

Don’t give a childish reply that ‘I don’t believe in marriage’ or ‘I have not yet thought about it’. They expect mature answers. You must say that you believe in both kinds of marriages and then give your opinion.

4. Tell me the name of your best friends and state the qualities you dislike in them?

This is asked to provoke you to criticize your friends. Before stating any weakness, think why you would like to be with a person whom you dislike for certain qualities. A best friend is an ideal friend who does not lack any quality.  So be tactful and clever.

5. Whom do you love the most - your father or mother and why?

This is a natural question. But be logical before responding.  You could begin by saying – I love them both equally from the core of my heart. But as they have asked to choose one and give a compelling answer. So you may respond that my mother is very close to me since I get to spend more time with her. Share the best moments you spend with her. But be specific, don't go much in detail as they might start asking you more questions from your answers.

6. What is your daily routine?

Present your daily schedule. Talk about your hobbies and interests that will cast you in a positive light. They actually expect you to shed light on your personality.  Show an accurate picture of who you are without disclosing something that might disqualify you for the job.

7. Do you watch adult movies? Or Who is your favourite porn star?

Don’t giggle in front of the interviewer when he/she asks you some questions. There is no good or bad question in SSB.  The questions related to sex, relationships etc, are just asked to check how calm and composed is an aspirant This helps the evaluator in understanding the mental ability and personality of the candidate.

It is up to the candidate to answer a question in a positive or negative manner. If you feel any uncomfortable due to any question very personal to you then just say that sorry sir I am not comfortable to share this as it is very personal. He/She will move onto the next question their self.

8.  How have you prepared for the SSB? Have you taken any coaching for your SSB?

This is very catchy.  You might be asked what have you learnt in the coaching. Tell that you had an idea of how SSB is conducted. Do not let them know that you were already familiar with the entire SSB assessment procedure, in case you do.

9. Do you want to ask any question to me?

Try to answer this one with a yes. You can ask Sir, how can I join the aviation corps after my training? Or any other question related to academics or life in NDA, etc. This will show that you are curious to join Indian Defence Forces. This question is your chance to demonstrate your knowledge indirectly.

Apart from these, questions related to your native place, current job, social issues, and current affairs, the socio-economic background can also be asked. Interviewers will always put the candidate under pressure to check the response rate and quality of the answers. Answer in a way that reflects your personality, intelligence, integrity and character. Express you clearly, show your mental alertness and social etiquettes as well. 

To crack the SSB interview with great ease and to make a terrific impression on the interview panel, join FUTURE CADETS. Our online course will prepare you to answer questions with the flow and make the most of your opportunity. 


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