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If you’re wanting to figure out how to prepare for NDA along with board exams, you’ve come to the right place. Individuals who can marvel at juggling the two well are rare breeds, given what’s at stake. 

Question: What Is The Role Of Defense Forces In Our Country?

Answer :

If you are going to appear for the interview, you should have detailed information about the organization. The interviewer asked this question, so you should give a perfect and impressive answer. Candidates, who passed their 12th class and attending NDA interview, they must have entire knowledge about the organization.

Question: Why Did You Give First Preference As Army / Air Force / Navy?

Answer :

When you are filling NDA Application Form for examination, aspirants get a choice to select Army / Air Force / Navy.

Question: Will You Come Back Again For SSB Interview If You Fail This Time.?

Answer :

The Interviewer can put up that question also, don’t be tense, he is not signifying that, he is disqualifying you at this time. At this time, interviewer is examining your personality. If you say, you come here with a particular reason, this type of answer, definitely, will be effective for your personality.

Question: Which Course You Will Opt After 10+2 If You Could Not Become Officer And Why?

Answer :

After 10+ 2, there are several opportunities available for additional studies. So, you can decide before attending SSB interview. Never say that it is a choice of your parents that you will become an officer. It will be reflected in your personality.

Question: Why Do You Want To Join Indian Air Force?

Answer :

Normally, these type of questions is asked in the NDA Interview. Firstly, the interviewer will ask you, why do you want to join Indian Air Force? So, you must give a particular answer. Some participants answer that, they would like to serve for their country and some aspirants say that uniform of Indian Air Force makes them feel proud and many applicants say that, money is also purpose to join Indian Armed Forces.

Question: Did You Do Any Special Preparation For SSB?

Answer :

Definitely, you did special preparation for SSB, so tell him, Yes sir. I am ready to give answers to your questions. You can practice for SSB from various resources including current issues, studying magazines, getting guidelines from sites especially devoted to SSB.

Question: What Are Your Strengths?

Answer :

This is the most asked question in which interviewee has to tell about his or her best ability like knowledge base strengths (computer skill, technical ability etc), Personal ability (flexibility, dedication, punctuality, leading ability etc) and transferable skills (planning, analytical skills etc).

Question: What Are Your Weaknesses And How Are You Overcoming Them?

Answer :

It is the favourite question of recruiting panel and asked to know about the weakness of candidate. The main thing to remember while answering this question is to not tell your personal weakness. You must answer it in a positive way and with a better-overcome option.

Question: Who Is The General / Chief Of India Army, Navy And Air Force?

Answer :

While going for NDA interview you must know the answer to this question otherwise you will be disqualified.

For this time:

General of Indian army – Mr Bipin Rawat

Chief of Navy – Mr Sunil Lanba

Chief of Air Force – Air Birender Singh Dhanoa

Question: Motivation Behind To Opt For NDA?

Answer :

You must be prepared for this question as you have decided your career in defence. You must have a proper and realistic reason that what is your motivation or why you have decided to join National Defence Academy.

Question: Why Do You Want To Join Defence?

Answer :

Most regularly raised a query for NDA/NA applicants during the individual meeting is why you want to be a part of the defence sector. As the applicants will be participating in their first meeting, this query is the most predicted query. So you need to get ready your purpose properly. Few applicants say that they want to work for the nation and few say that the dress (Standard uniform) feels them pleased and proud, for few applicants cash is also the purpose behind becoming a member of Native Indian Armed Forces.

Question: What Is The Role Of Defence Forces In Our Country?

Answer :

If an applicant is coming for an interview, the interview panel member will anticipate the applicant to know about the association. So this query may be thrown up during the SSB meeting by the official getting your personal interview. As many applicants are just 12th standard pursuing applicants, most of them don't know much about Defence. So before coming for the interview, you must know a few details.

Question: Will You Come Back Again For SSB Interview If You Fail This Time?

Answer :

The meeting panel member may ask this query during the individual meeting for NDA NA applicants. Don't be anxious as he is not informing you ultimately that he is unable to select you. Instead, the meeting with the official is trying to analyze your character. If you say you will not come back without justification, it will indicate badly on your character.

Question: What If You Do Not Get Recommended This Time?

Answer :

You have to swiftly and basically say that ‘Sir I’ll try next occasion again’. Now he may reverse you by saying that if you do not get into then what? Here you have to demonstrate your dedications to work for the nation, you have to say that sir I’ll work with my best, or I have not supposed anything as hitherto except Defense.      

Question: What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Answer :

Now saying that I have no weaknesses is illogical. Every single one of us has some weakness. IO wants to know whether you are aware of your weaknesses and are you working on them or not. Keep balance, do not over-praise yourself, nor over-criticize. Sample answer would be, “I have good technical knowledge of Computers, I believe in punctuality, optimism, and honesty. I love to do things with 100% dedication. I have weak command over the English language, but I am definitely getting better at it.”

What is NDA? First things first, let’s identify the syllabus-clashes when it comes to NDA and board exams. The NDA syllabus is made up of 2 sections – Mathematics and General Ability. The likes of English, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, History, Geography and Current Events in tandem form the General Ability section.

Phew! As you can see, there will be some common elements irrespective of the stream you’ve chosen in high school. Although, it is important to note that the board exam papers are set keeping in mind the prowess of an average high school student, which is not the case with the NDA exam.

One thing that works in favour of students is the fact that most board exams begin in March, whereas NDA has 2 cycles in April and August. Ergo, the timing isn’t too far away that you’ll need to start the prep from scratch and it isn’t too close either that you’ll get all rattled and jumbled up within the intricacies of both exams.

To ease the burden somewhat, Future Cadets has come forth with a list of tips on how to prepare for NDA and board exams with maximum efficiency.

The Sooner the Better

Since you will need to cope up with the best of both worlds, i.e. Board exams, and NDA, the sooner you start your prep, the better it will be. Whatever topics are common for both can be given a priority of time and efficiency. And for the rest, just mix and match till you cover equal portions on a daily basis. This will also help reduce any monotony.

Opting For a Dedicated Course is Imperative

If you’re wondering how to prepare for NDA in tandem with your board exams without compromising on any of the two, joining a dedicated NDA class (online or offline) might be your best bet. Future Cadets is one such online learning platform which helps students to prepare for a variety of Indian defence entrance examinations. It is a one-stop online NDA course which covers all topics diligently via video lectures, practice tests, mock papers, and discussion forums. Opting for this will ensure that your grip on Mathematics is rock solid, which is a prominent feature in both NDA exams and boards. Also, knowing that you have a dedicated help on this side, you can instead focus more on board exams on class-days.

Concentrate on Common Topics

This one’s a no-brainer. You’ll find that Mathematics is mostly on similar wavelengths, in terms of the questions that are asked generally in board exams and NDA (covers Mathematics of 11th and 12th standards). Whenever you feel that your preparation is becoming one-dimensional, you can immediately shift to the common topics, which will put you in good stead come to the end.

Structured Study Plan

This is where a comprehensive online course like Future Cadets will be highly critical for your dual preparation needs. Sometimes even the brightest students falter as they bite more than what they can chew, however; average students perform well on account of a planned preparation regime. The vastly experienced staff of Future Cadets will tell you how to prepare for NDA, what topics to prioritize, topics to be left till the end in a progressive manner, 

Staying Stress-free is Paramount

Avoid rampant social media sessions every single day and any such distracting activities. Having said that, relaxation and breaks are key to maintain high momentum cometh the end of the preparation month. Taking quick naps and indulging in a fruitful physical activity will keep you fresh and ready for what’s about to come.

Asking For Help Wouldn’t Be Too Shabby

Given the rise in competition and the difference of syllabus for both NDA and board exams, don’t hesitate in asking for help. This could be asking fellow seniors who’ve done it all or combined studying with friends or opting for an online learning platform. With Future Cadets (one such platform), you will get a personal mentor to discuss strategy, doubts from experienced personnel, which can prove to be invaluable especially when exams are near.

So if you’re still wondering how to join NDA whilst ace-ing the board exams as well, just follow these steps diligently and don’t panic come whatever.

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